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Gravel, Rock & Stone Products

We have a full line of gravel, rock, sand, and flagstone. Don't know how much you need? Use the cubic yards calculator to help determine what you need. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and prices. Delivery or pick-up is available. Call/Text 419-953-1238 to make an appointment to set up your delivery or to be loaded. 

We Deliver!

A small fee between $20 - $80 will be charged for delivery depending on location. 

Enter Mulch Bed Length

Enter Mulch Bed Width

Enter Mulch Bed Depth

Approximate Number of Cubic Yards of Mulch Needed:

Buy in large quantity and save! 

Purchase 10-19 yards - $1.00 Off Per Yard

Purchase 20+ yards - $2.00 Off Per Yard

Black Lava Rock

New! - $245.00 / Yard - Approximately 1,250 lbs/yard - Black lava rock is a great option if your looking for a replacement of mulch. It doesn't blow away and doesn't fade. Keeps its black color and looks just like mulch from a distance. A long term investment that will pay itself off by not having to mulch every year! 

Maylen Black Granite Stone

New! List - $170.00 / Yard-Approximately 2,100 lbs/yard - Black granite is another great option to replace black mulch. Its heavier and shinier than lava rock. A smooth rock compared to the porus lava rock. Not quite as dark as lava rock but stays in place better. Doesn't blow away or fade in color. A long term investment that will pay itself off by not having to mulch every year!

Grey Slate 

$165 / Yard - Approximately 2,300 lbs/yard - Dark gray flat rock than can replace mulch in your beds. Color does not fade and will not blow away. 

River Rock #4

$45.00 / Yard - Approximately 2,100 lbs/yard - Smooth rocks with various colors present. 1/2 in. - 3 in. 

Pea Gravel

$45.00 / Yard - Approximately 2,300 lbs/yard - Smooth rocks with various colors present. Great for playground areas and sandboxes. 1/8 in. - 3/4 in. 

1" Down 617 Gravel

$25.00 / Yard - Approximately 2,450 lbs/yard - A great stone for compacting a base. 1 inch limestone with fines mix.

57's Washed Gravel

$25.00 / Yard - Approximately 1,850 lbs/yard - 1in. - 1.5in. sized limestone. Used for driveways, drainage, and backfill. 

Landscape Rocks

$10 - $100 / Rock - Decorative boulders for landscapes. Great to use as a focal point in the landscape. 2-4 feet wide and tall. Price varies on size. 

Natural Flagstone

$.25 / Pound - 1in -3in thick flagstone steppers or wall units. We have gray and tan colors available. Great for walkways or building dercorative walls. Average flagstone weighs 25 lbs. (Average $5 - $10 each).

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